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Go Ahead, Keep the Money

By Pen Pendleton Over the past few weeks, hundreds of businesses have received emergency Covid 19-related funding under the Federal Government’s initial distribution of Paycheck Protection Program funds. Some chose…

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COVID-19 Layoffs: Honest and Humane Communications

Companies across America today face one of the most difficult challenges in business: telling thousands of employees that they no longer have work. At a national level, waves of pandemic-driven…

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The Paradox of Data: Can Financial Services Avoid a Cambridge Analytica?

For the financial services industry, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, is yet another warning that digital technology is chipping away at the foundation of traditional business models. Given the proposition that…

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Bank CEOs Walking Communications Tightrope Amid Slowdown Talk

It’s been pretty obvious for some time that America’s top bankers need to be very careful about their public comments on a number of subjects. The wrong word choice here,…

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New York, New York: Amazon Couldn’t Carry A Tune

By Pen Pendleton for Morning Consult, February 20, 2018 Maybe Amazon should have asked Alexa to sell the company’s new headquarters plan to New Yorkers. After all, the world’s largest…

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Listen to Wall Street Communicators and Journalists Discuss Why Public Trust Matters

Has the financial industry regained a measure of trust over the last 10 years? Or, has the financial crisis left a permanent scar on the industry? In the meantime, has... Read More
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Emerging Markets Case Study: Building Financial Systems for 25 Years — A CLP Podcast

One of the most inspiring and productive emerging market investments in the last quarter century is the Financial Services Volunteer Corp (FSVC), an "under-the-radar" not-for-profit aimed at building banking systems... Read More
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Banks must weigh inevitable backlash to Dodd-Frank rollback

The Trump administration has delivered something to the financial service industry that has been missing in recent years: a voice. After eight years of pariah status in Washington, investment management…

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Exciting News from CLP

February 7, 2017 We have enhanced our investor relations capabilities with the addition of our newest Consulting Partner, Reginald Cash. Regi served as Head of I.R. in the Americas at…

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Extreme Makeover: Wall Street’s Reputation

The blackened reputation of “Too Big to Fail” institutions may be on the verge of a facelift. Given the level of public scorn, political abuse, and regulatory backlash prompted by…

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The Magic of Reputation

Steve Cohen’s Tour de Force… Today’s Fortune story on hedge fund mogul Steve Cohen is a tour de force in the world of financial industry communications. In a career watching…

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Seizing the Brexit communications opportunity

As Brexit angst seems to have eased, U.S. companies can define their European business strategy. For decades, the City of London lived by the maxim that, “when America sneezes, Europe... Read More
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Reputation Management: A Business Imperative

Eight years after the financial crisis, the securities and banking industry is adapting to a new, more challenging business environment. Even as companies cut costs, managements are investing in their brands,... Read More
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Hedge Funds: Size is the Enemy of Returns

As the 20-year surge in hedge funds begins to decline, some say the asset class has lost its focus.Hedge funds are too big and too generic. That has led, in part,... Read More
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Banking Faces An Existential Crisis

Eight years after the financial meltdown, banking is still facing an existential crisis. Pen Pendleton looks at why the industry is still struggling with a definitional identity. What should banking... Read More
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Building a Hedge Fund Brand by Embracing Fiduciary Duty

CLP Partner Pen Pendleton had the good fortune… I had the good fortune to moderate an interesting discussion last week at a gathering of family office professionals. Sponsored by global... Read More
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Brian Cattell on Why the GOP’s Strategy to Knock Out Trump is Failing

In an article published on political website CAPX, Cattell argues that both Donald Trump and Ben Carson have tapped into a spiritual yearning among rank and file conservative voters for... Read More
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Brian Cattell Provides Market Perspective on Fox Radio

CLP Partner Brian Cattell was called on to provide perspective on the volatility in global markets by a number of Fox Radio affiliates on August 24th and 25th.  He appeared... Read More
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Pen Pendleton Says Amazon May Want “A Few Good Men”

Amazon’s Few Good Men In the fishbowl of public attention, high technology companies like Amazon are swimming in warm, comfortable waters. The brands built by Google, Facebook and their peer... Read More
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Brian Cattell comments on the ramifications of the UK election

Following the UK General Election from the American side of the Atlantic whilst simultaneously keeping tabs on the nascent race for the Republican Presidential nomination couldn’t have offered a starker... Read More
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Bitcoin’s PR Bowl

Bitcoin may be the “next new thing” or, another radical financial fringe. CLP&P takes a look at the credibility of Bitcoin and efforts to rehabilitate its image. Bitcoin, the notorious... Read More
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Medicare Surcharges will Increasingly Impact and Surprise Many Boomers

New HealthView Services Insights White Paper and Medicare Surcharges Calculator Offer Strategies to Reduce Surcharges and Increase Net Retirement Income A new Insights White Paper and Medicare Surcharges Calculator from... Read More
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Will the 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit have a long-term impact on the U.S. business community’s perceptions of Africa?

We believe the 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit will be seen as a tipping point for U.S. businesses’ and investors’ perceptions of, and interest in, Africa. Progress in changing perceptions of... Read More